Transcending Human Suffering

Buddha does come to mind every now and then. A friend recently told me that he was having huge drama in his relationships. I told him that is because you are bored with life. And in order to escape boredom, you are having drama. Don’t have any guilt or shame. It is a good time pass. If you become holy or saintly and try to suppress your drama, you will manifest a disease, or an accident, or some loss. Continue to have the dramas till there is no need for any drama in your life.

It reminds me of Buddha, though the game started a long time ago. People are bored with themselves and in order to escape their boredom, they create all kinds of activities – both good and bad – both constructive and destructive – both helpful and damaging. They are willing to do anything as long as they are kept engaged. Left to themselves – they suffer, and with any activity that they do to escape their suffering – they still suffer. Activity or no-activity – suffering is inevitable.

But you might say – so many people are so happy and enjoying life! Know that happiness is a phenomenon of the mind and mind is duality. The mind encompasses both the polarities and the sadness or misery is just waiting its turn to replace happiness. Very soon, the human gets bored with what was making them happy and now they want – more, better or different than what they have.

The average human is sourced by two qualities – Fear and Lust. One sources the survival instinct and the other sources gluttony. Between these two, we move from apathy to pride, including grief and anger. Fear and Lust in its negativity can become destructive and damaging, and yet in its positivity can become control and creativity. Fear and Lust in negativity can source impotency and wrath, while in its positivity can source imagination and manifestation. But no matter whether it is positive or negative, suffering is the inevitable outcome.

Just as the positive and the negative are mind phenomena, similarly suffering is also a mind phenomena. How does one then move beyond suffering? Some assumed that suffering is a phenomenon of the negative mind. But even if you become 100% positive, you are still suffering because now you’re seeking the unknown and the ultimate fulfillment.

Your suffering is now subtle, because you have everything and yet something is missing that causes you to suffer, and there is no hope to save you. In the negative state, what sustains you is hope – that someday – in the future – you will have what you want. So, becoming positive will only create illusions of transcending suffering.

What if you could drop suffering? Let’s say you are angry. What are the options that you now have? One – if it is safe and there are no consequences, you will express it. The catharsis will give you relief. Two – if it is not safe, you will suppress it. It will give you a sense of control. Three – if suppression creates any discomfort in you, you will create some kind of distractions to take your mind off the discomfort. You have then managed your anger. For most humans, these are the only three options available, yet each has its own consequences, leading to suffering.

There is a fourth option now available – We can just drop the anger, just let it go. And with the anger gone, even the suffering associated with anger is gone. Dropping anger is easy, it’s doable and its verifiable. We can not only drop the emotions, but we can also drop the feelings, thoughts and beliefs.


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