Transfer orders taken for Granted in RDD Doda

Favoritism, Non-Compliance of Transfer Policy Spoil Work Culture of RDD in Doda

Mohd Majid Malik

Doda, January 1

The Rural development department Doda seems to be pursuing its own style of functioning throwing norms to winds. The state government is presently facing difficulties in transferring certain blue-eyed employees of Rural Development departments in Doda district .One and half month back Director rural development ,Jammu issued an order no 827 DRD of 2016 dated 19/11/2016 and the transfer order were released of 14 Senior and Junior Assistants but the ACD Doda do not follow the orders and keep themselves stationed at their favoured station in various blocks of Doda district . Sources informed these employees usually give dozens of excuses making mockery of state governments ’ Transfer Policy. In some cases the Block Development Officers (BDOs) themselves do not relive some selected employees and give excuse of shortage of skilled man power. Often BDOs protect and guard certain employees from transfer as if without those staffs, the concern department will totally collapse.The state government had issued repeated instructions to all the Departments, instructing them not to retain promoted and transferred employees in their departments but even after that most of the departments are continuing the same practice throwing all rule and regulations to winds . Non-reliving of certain employees by the BDO’s of the rural development department is clear case of favoritism towards certain employees and sadly many of the employees who are posted in the hard areas do not get relived because of these blue eyed candidates posted at prime blocks , do not join duties at new place of posting.Public feel that the present Transfer Policy in rural development department is nothing but a tool to harass and torture those government employees, who are doing their jobs sincerely but those who have links with powerful people, openly make mockery of this Transfer Policy. The million dollar question is why such double standard?The people in the area have appealed Chief Minster Mehbooba Mufti to intervene in the matter.The blue-eyed staffers’ according to official sources are illegally performing their duties under official patronage leaving people in the lurch at their parent place of postings.”it is not only that these officials alone are holding their respective place of postings in their choice areas, but the JEs ,AEs ,GREs  Gram secretaries and other officials of the low ranks too are putting along with them ,” said one of the source from the department .The obvious reason cited by the sources say that such practices are part of schemes conspired by the department to put stationery their men at places of their interest for years together , some are posted at their places since past more than ten years , so that these officers could have the insight knowledge of the areas and domains and can make extra bucks from the illegal works conducted in these areas .This has given an apparent reason for all to understand that under the administrative provisions, no official is allowed to stay at a particular place of posting for more than two to two and half years, but the rural development department’s system seems to self -styled and unique of all other cases and directorate also allegedly issued orders to save skin and hide their plan .Director RDD ,Jammu Pardeep Kumar when contacted for comments his cell phone was coming not reachable .

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