Transferred Kashmir Administrative Services officer reinstated in Jammu


A Kashmir Administrative Services (KAS) officer, who was transferred after sending a legal notice to the family of a senior IAS officer, has now been reinstated after involving the IAS officer in an alleged corruption case.

Ravinder Sharma, KAS, Custodian, Evacuee Property, Jammu, was transferred without any reason or any further duty assigned after sending notice to the family of Bhupinder Singh, senior IAS officer in the Jammu and Kashmir administration.

The late father of the senior IAS Officer, Bhupinder Singh, has been accused of claiming Rs 5,50,000 allegedly by fraud, as the first installment of Central Government Scheme payable to refugees who came from Pakistan after the partition.

A notice was sent to the family of the late Sardar Singh, originally belonging to West Pakistan,but migrated to India during the partition and settled in village Kodwa Khurd, Tehsil Shahzadpur/Narayngarh, Ambala, Haryana.

A PIL was filed by Jarnail Singh and Paramjit Singh, both residents of Ramgarh, Samba, against Bhupinder Singh.

The petition claims that Sardar Singh was never the resident of Jammu and Kashmir as he was actually from Dhalli village, Bhimber tehrsil, Mirpur which is now in Pakistan.

And despite the allotment of land by the government to Sardar Singh and other family members in Ambala, he managed to get a land allotted in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, whereas other family members are still residing in Ambala.

As per the documents accessed by IANS, copies of the allotment of land in Kodwa Khurd village in the name of Sardar Singh were shown to the honourable High Court.

The copies clearly showed the names of Sardar Singh, his mother and brothers settled in the same district of Ambala.

A copy of the report issued by the office of Provincial Rehabilitation Officer (PRO) reveals that Sardar Singh got the land allotted in Chack Chatakan, Ramgarh, Samba.

A copy of a 1971 voter list, issued by the Ambala Tehsildar revealed that Sardar Singh used to cast vote in Amball.

The list clearly reveals the name and residence of Sardar Singh.

The PIL claims that neither the father, nor the respondent (Bhupinder Singh, IAS) ever disclosed the allotment of land in Kodwa Khurd. And the respondent, Bhupinder Singh, continues to receive Refugee benefits from time to time on the basis of false allotment of land which was managed by the father of the respondent allegedly by fraud.

The documents accessed by IANS also revealed that the record of the land allotted to the respondent’s father is still available with the tehsil office of Kodwa Khurd.

The respondent has managed to get the first installment of Rs 5,50,000 allegedly by fraud from the office of PRO Jammu.

However, neither the respondent nor his late father were entitled to any such claim as they were actually the residents of Kodwa Khurd.

The PIL claims that the respondent prepared a fake Permanent Residence Certificate (PRC) of the J&K State (now UT).

The other three brothers of the respondent are still the residents of Kodwa Khurd and only one showing himself to be the resident of Chack Chatakan, is the respondent, Bhupinder Singh (IAS).

The PIL seeks proper legal action against the respondent, Bhupinder Singh, and cancellation and recovery of the monetary benefits obtained by him.