Trust young J&K to do the best

Parents in Jammu and Kashmir tend to take upon themselves the onerous responsibility of their children’s career and marriage. They want to see their sons and daughters through these important milestones. More women in changing Jammu reported facing pressure from parents than in Orissa, which is considered relatively backward-both socially and economically.
In the new burgeoning city, contrary to general expectations, the number of men being forced to get hitched was almost twice that of women. Jammu and Kashmir is in a flux and the changes being ushered in after liberalisation and economic reforms have been far-reaching extending beyond the realm of economy to cover family relationships in general and women’s lives in particular.
While those, who got married and raised families in the eighties and later, have been progressive in certain aspects such as bringing up daughters with modern outlook, they at the same time succumb to social pressures when it comes to career and marriage. In many instances, the parents’ idea of a “safe and secure” career and marriage has had an adverse impact on the lives of young people.
For a state like Jammu and Kashmir, development hinges on the freedom enjoyed by the youth in matters relating to career and marriage.
These issues have a direct bearing on mobility and productivity of workforce and on cultural diversity, plurality and social cohesion.
Families in Jammu and Kashmir have proven to be robust and stable institutions necessary for social development, but parents need to learn to trust the wisdom of the new millennial

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