Twitter slams Parineeti Chopra for body-shaming friend

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Once a victim of body-shaming, one would expect Parineeti Chopra of all people to understand what it feels like to be on the receiving end of such demeaning comments. The actress, who had struggled with weight issues during the
early years of her Bollywood film career, enraged fans on Twitter when she advised her friend to “eat less and become thin.” This comment that is being perceived as body-shaming on her part, has not gone down too well with a few who believe that she of all people should be a little more sensitive.
Parineeti, who now flaunts a chiselled body with rock hard abs, sported a much fuller figure when she made her Bollywood debut. The star went on a nine-month rigorous workout regime and diet schedule to earn her new fabulous figure that she showed off in a photo shoot, which was aimed to shut haters up.
However, Parineeti’s comment in the recent video, that also featured Alia Bhatt, has people calling the star ‘fake’ and ‘obsessed with body image’.
While some outraged fans said, “Now she’s slim, she can say what she wants,” another advised her to be a little responsible about what she says.
Early this year, Parineeti took to her social networking handles to share her ‘fat-to-fit’ story and encourage others to also pay attention to their health. She also shared a detailed note on why and how she decided to reinvent her physique.

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