Two wheelers on radar, luxurious car travelers ferry scot-free, make merry..!

Late Night ‘Naaka Checking’

Zorawar Singh
Jammu Tawi, Apr 22
Following directions from the seniors of remaining alert and keep check on suspicious movements especially during nights, cops at City check points target bikers but give slip to those travelling in luxurious cars.
Scenes at check points in Jammu city are often that bikers replying to volley of questions of cops deployed at the these ‘nakaas’ but ironically, the cars particularly the lavish vehicles, passing through these points, hardly being stopped and enquired.
Undoubtedly the ‘men in khaakhi’, after performing day long stressed duty, instead of been given some relaxation have further been overburdened with obeying directions of keeping vigil on vehicles passing from city check points as they have to note down their registration numbers from mid-night onwards.
According to sources, the cops deployed at the check points have been directed to note down the registration numbers of the vehicles crossing the ‘naakas’ from mid-night till early morning (0600 hrs).
The cops however, tired of day-long duty in scorching heat, are often seen intercepting bike riders but at the same time, hardly bother for the lavish vehicles crossing the check points. “It is good that the cops are performing their duties by keeping eye on movements around the city but you cannot only make the bikers responsible every time of creating any trouble,” a local said adding that suspicious movements and activities in lavishing vehicles also cannot be ruled out.
They further added that motorcycle borne youth may be more prone shooting nuisance on city roads and even sometimes found indulged in mischievous activities but vehicles with high profiled logos and tags, given free movement at the check points.
“You cannot apply double yardsticks when on duty..let the car driver wait if cop is busy noting down the registration number of another vehicle-we have to act as responsible citizens rather than skipping our duties towards the nation,” he asserted.
Meanwhile the sources further said that the duty officers at the check points have been directed to maintain a register with details comprising name of the driver, its registration number, location from where he/she coming, his/her destination with time duration and contact numbers.
Earlier at the check points, vehicles were used to frisk and with brief information, people are allowed to proceed but the new exercise has added worries to their job, a cop deployed at one of the check points, pleading anonymity, said. “Sometimes the private vehicle drivers when asked to divulge details, they in return ask many queries, which leads into verbal confrontation,” said the cop. “People are very cooperative and supportive but we encounter some serious issues while performing duties,” he added.

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