Ujala Scheme to bring Ujala

The launching of various welfare schemes by both state and central government are paying dividends and giving benefits to beneficiaries.
But the recent scheme of UJALA (Unnat Jyoti by Affordable LED for All) would not only benefit the poor people but equally to government as well as Power Development Department (PDD).
The scheme is being implemented by PDD in collaboration with Energy Efficiency Services Limited(EESL), a joint venture of leading PSU’s under the administration of Ministry of Power, Government of India.
Every day the demand of power is growing and its importance cannot be questioned.
In addition, every year the government is adding more areas in power connectivity in the far flung and remote areas, increasing consumption capacity more to already fund starved department. According to this scheme, the consumers will be able to buy high quality LED bulbs at the rate of rupees 20/- per bulb as against the market price of rupees 250/- to 300.
The state government is going to distribute over 80 lakhs bulbs to over 16 lakhs households of the state and with this distribution of these LED Bulbs the state will have energy saving of 28.37 lakhs MW every day.
The state of J&K is facing acute power crisis due to multiplying of power revenue to be paid by the PDD.
Earlier the department took several steps to collect power tariff like installation of electric meters at all places and also laying cable wire to protect pilferage of electricity from unscrupulous elements.
But all these steps have hardly helped to take out the state from morass of power crisis.
But launching of Ujala scheme would certainly give benefits to the state to some extent in reducing in gap between power consumption and whopping power revenue.
In this summer season the people of Jammu faced numerous hardships owing to irregular power supply.
They resorted to hold demonstration at several places to register their protest against PDD and the state government but it turned a deaf ear to the department as same is helpless to ensure round the clock power supply with various reasons.
First of all collection of power revenue is not enough and does not match with huge consumption by the state.
This led to impose unscheduled power cut by the department, making lives of the people miserable.
Though several people are cheating the department by pilfering electricity and not paying the electricity bills as power consumed by them but when the department concerned impose power cut the innocent consumers paying regularly power supply also bear the brunt of power cut.
Ujala Scheme if implemented sincerely would definitely help to bring Ujala to several houses and also benefit the department. There is huge gap between power expenditure and revenue collection and merely Ujala would not be able to address power crisis in the state. The department has to take more steps like heavy penalty against the defaulters involved in power theft and also explore other such methods which would give relief to the government as well as to the people.

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