ULF took Responsibility for Killing Outside Labourers in Kashmir, Asked to Leave the Valley Soon

The United Liberation Front (ULF) has claimed responsibility for killing two labourers in the Kulgam district of Kashmir on Sunday. He has also warned the outsiders camping in the ValleyValley that they should leave Kashmir at the earliest; otherwise, they will do the same. However, even before this warning of the terrorists, migrant people have started fleeing from the ValleyValley.

After last night, this morning too, a massive crowd of migrant people came to Jammu. A migrant family from Rajasthan said that they do not feel safe in Kashmir. Since October 2, terrorists have killed 11 people in the ValleyValley. He was living here with his wife and children. His life is also in danger. They are not ready for it. That is why he has decided to leave Kashmir. Terrorists are killing anyone whenever they want. In such a situation, they are left with no other way but to leave Kashmir.

Before the ULF, the terrorist organization Kashmir Freedom Fights had also taken responsibility for killing 11 people in the valley.