Unbridled Adm machinery will let BJP-PDP down

One of the main terms of Agenda of Alliance of PDP-BJP coalition government is to provide good governance, which can be fulfilled with transparent and accountable administrative machinery.
Not to speak of this coalition government, no government can fulfill the promise of good governance with incapable, incompetent and corrupt administrative machinery.
When central government is fully backing the present dispensation, when present Ministers and MLAs want to serve maximum public then what is problem in delivering on grounds.
The fault lies with ailing bureaucracy of the state having lack of transparency and accountability. At present, the benefits of several policies and welfare schemes of both central and state government are not reaching to the common man due to unfriendly bureaucracy, thus depriving them the benefits of the schemes.
For example the financial package of rupees 80,000 announced by PM at Srinagar last year, having rehabilitation package for flood victims of devastation flood of 2014 and relief package to POJK refugee, has not yet been paid, resulting in continuance of hue and cry of public.
In the present coalition government, several of Ministers and MLA particularly of BJP won election first time, having very little both political and administrative
The bureaucracy is exploiting this shortcoming and weaknesses of the government. Administrative machinery is the tool and instrument of a political leader to serve the people and fulfill the promise made during election. If he cannot handle them properly then he ultimately fail and shown the door by the electorate in subsequent election. Unfortunately, in its one and half years of rule, nothing tangible has been witnessed on the ground as a sign of good governance on the part of present regime.
One of the main reason of defeat of NC-Congress Govt led by Omar Abdullah in
last assembly election was due faulty administrative machinery as the regime failed to deliver on grounds despite full backing given by UPA government led by Dr Manmohan Singh.
Late Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayyed at the very outset of taking over the charge realized lethargic attitude of bureaucracy and took several steps to improve function of the government like removing dead woods. He stressed either perform or quit.
A case to point here it is of the report of Comptroller Auditor General of India, submitted recently in which they observed and pin pointed several flaws, shortcoming and irregularities in administrative and financial matters in almost all departments of the state government.
In addition, funds allotted remain unutilized at the end of financial year, depriving benefits to the public while the cost of projects estimated at the initial state escalate 3-4 times higher due to non completion of the project in the stipulated time frame.
In some cases, the official fail to submit Utilization Certificate of funds allotted, a condition required for asking additional funds.
A large chunk of revenue is going in the pockets of employees by enhancing their pay and perks but unfortunately no government has taken measure to improve efficiency of the government servants.
The solution to this dilemma will come from tightening the screws on the bureaucracy and weeding out dishonest in ordinary course of action.

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