Unfaithfulness in relationships could be a hereditary trait

The next time you think about starting a romantic relationship with that special someone; don’t forget to do some homework on their family history specifically their parents’ history. Researchers claim that a new study shows that being a cheater might actually run in the family, as repo0rt.

The study was carried out by a research team at theTexas Tech University and the University of Nevada. Around 300 students were surveyed to find any relationship between one’s parents indulging in infidelity and their own likelihood to cheat. Participants were asked if they had ever cheated on a partner – 30% said yes – and if their mother or father had ever cheated on the other parent – 33% said yes, with slightly more unfaithful dads than moms.

The study also found that participants who had cheated on a partner were twice as likely to have a parent who’d cheated. An earlier study from Finland had also suggested that a so-called ‘cheating gene’ could be responsible for a person’s inclination to cheat in a relationship. This ‘cheating gene’ is the vasopressin receptor that is responsible for empathy and sexual bonding in animals.

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