Unhygienic conditions of GMC

Dear Editor,
The biggest hospital of the jammu region having almost all the facilities and well-qualified doctors, which caters to hundreds of patients on daily basis, has failed to provide hygienic conditions to them on its premises. The canteen on the ground floor at the back of the old emergency ward is in the most unhygienic condition and the patients coming from far-flung areas have no other option but to eat their meals in the same canteen only. A huge area having stagnant water near the canteen not only stinks, but also spreading diseases.
The corridors and wards of GMC are stinking and there is nothing in the name of cleanliness in the hospital.
The vicinity of the area is full of garbage and waste material, the near by area stinks like anything. Though the hospital has a good number of staff employed for the cleaning purpose but still the hospital has a very unhygienic condition.
So it is expected from the concerned authorities to not to give tall claims but perform their duties and keep the areas of the hospital clean.
Dinesh Sudan
Miran Sahib

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