Union finance minister’s frustration against judiciary

Dear Editor,

It refers to frustrated comments against judiciary by Union Finance Minister in Rajya Sabha on 11-05-2016 perhaps because of BJP losing to Congress in Uttarakhand because of decisions of first by Uttarakhand High Court and then by Supreme Court. Such comments from political rulers against judiciary are not good.

Role of money-power by both sides in Uttarakhand’s now resolved political crisis should not be ruled out. With BJP in full power at the centre without needing any outside support, it should prove itself as a ‘party with difference’ by legislating long-pending but massive consolidated poll-reforms whereby such volatile situations may not arise in states or even at the centre any time in future.

It is noteworthy that BJP’s own government led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee once lost by a single controversial vote of the then Orissa Chief Minister Girdhar Gomango. Different models of government-formation in other countries should be studied, and the one with suitable modifications to suit Indian situation needs to be adopted apart from other poll-reforms. Election Commission should be entrusted to invite comments from public and hold conference at the earliest so that poll-reforms may be implemented before elections due to some state-assemblies in the year 2017.




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