Union Ministry’s historic decision

Dear Editor,

Union Minister for Consumer Affairs deserves appreciation for his directive to print essential information like including names of manufacturer/importer/packager/marketer etc, quantity, ingredients, dates of manufacture/expiry, Maximum Retail Price (MRP), customer-care number etc on front and back sides of packs of food products from coming July 2016.

It was a anti-consumer practice of manufacturer/importer/packager/marketer etc to print such essential information in very small words/letters that too many-a-times on top or bottom of the pack which usually went unnoticed/unread by consumers.

At the same time, central government should also ensure that commodities to be packed by weight or volume should be only in units 1, 2, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 or 500 gms or mltrs, and then in 1, 2, 5 or multiples of 5 kgs or ltrs only. Even commonly used medicines other than to be packed by dose-wise administration should also be packed in metric-units unless exemption is sought from Union Health Ministry for aspects like dose-wise administration.

Presently items like soap-cakes and shaving creams are packed in units like 70 or 75 gms to look like packs of 100 gms. Commonly advertised medicines like cough-lozenges are packed in strips of eight instead of ten lozenges because consumers compare prices per strip. Above suggested system will avoid need to print ‘Unit Price’ which at many times is misused by retailer for excessive overcharge by putting sticker on ‘Maximum Retail Price’.

Ban should be imposed on pricing same commodity in different pricing like it is observed that mineral water or soft drinks sold in some cinema multi-flex have MRP much higher than the usual one by printing ‘Specially Packed For (Multi-flex)’.


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