Unplanned Urbanisation increases risk for cardiovascular diseases: Dr Sushil

Revitalising his campaign to reduce the burden of cardiovascular diseases, Dr Sushil Sharma today conducted a cardiac awareness cum check up camp in the heart of the city, at Shri Atam Vallabh Jain Bhawan, Fattu Chogan, Jammu.
Accompanied by a team of young doctors, paramedics and volunteers, Dr Sushil Sharma examined people of the area for prevalence of cardiac diseases and other health ailments. More than 200 people were screened. They were thoroughly evaluated; diagnosed and free medicines were given as per the requirements.
Hinting at the positive correlation between CVDs
and demographic changes, Dr Sushil said that Cardiovascular disease (CVD) today is responsible for approximately one-third of deaths worldwide, and that figure will surely increase in both developing and developed countries as risk factors for the disease continue to increase. Although it is alarming to note that the prevalence of Cardiac diseases in unplanned urban settings is much more than their counterparts residing in rural areas. He added that urban sample is associated with higher levels of body mass index, blood pressure, fasting blood lipids (total cholesterol, ratio of cholesterol to HDL cholesterol, triglycerides), and diabetes. The increasing use of tobacco, hectic lifestyle and industrialization in urban areas also translate into higher mortality rates of CVD, lung cancer, and other tobacco-related diseases. Central obesity was four times more common in the urban population compared to the rural. “Coronary artery disease and coronary risk factors were two or three times higher among the urban compared with the rural subjects, which may be due to greater sedentary behaviour and alcohol intake among urbans”. He stressed.
Others who were part of this humane approach included Dr K R Gandotra,
Dr Dhaneshwar Kapoor, Dr Anitipal Singh, Dr Chakshu Mahajan; paramedics and volunteers comprises Kashmiri Lal, Kamal
Kishore, Sukhdev Singh, Gourav Sharma, Lokesh Manni and others.

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