Unscheduled power cuts add to summer misery

Jammu city is reeling under unscheduled power cut in the present summer season, resulting in frequent protest and dharna at several places. Almost all newspapers are carrying news related to protest demonstration by the locals venting their anger against Power Development Department (PDD) and the state government. City residents complain that the authorities are not paying heed to their hardships. They also accuse the state government of discriminating against the region. Pertinently the people of Jammu has given maximum mandate to BJP, making them to be partner of a coalition government but Jammu still is not getting any relief in power cut though Power Development Department Minister from Jammu region. The long frequent power cuts have triggered daily protest demonstrations by people in different areas of the region. Opposition parties are also not far behind in slamming the state government on the issue. One of the major factors contributing to the excess load shedding and bursting of transformers is pilferage of electricity by some unscrupulous elements, who use air conditioners and air coolers by stealing electricity especially during night. In addition, there is also other reason for failure of Power Development Department to provide power supply round the clock particularly at the peak of summer season. With rain, the humidity is also being felt and duration of both scheduled and unscheduled load shedding is going to longer, adding woes of the people and affecting all sphere of life. With power break down particularly during night, several areas of the city plunges into darkness and electric fans and air conditioners comes to halt, which ultimately trigger protest and forced people to come on roads. Moreover, the authorities concerned has also failed to meet justice to honest consumers, who have installed electric meters and regularly paying electric tariff. It seems that government has lost its commitment on issue to free Jammu City from the menace of load-shedding.
The Power Development Department (PDD) should evolve mechanism to plug pilferage of electricity to avoid theft of electricity and penalize those found in theft of electricity as honest consumers are also sufferer of their crime. The department is supposed to take all possible steps to provide regular power supply to the people of Jammu region, who are paying more power tariff than
Kashmir region.

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