Uri encounter

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, when whole country was in deep slumber, Uri town of Baramulla district witnessed a major terrorist attack, resulting in killing of 17 Army soldiers and injury to 19 others.
Pertinently, the attack is one of the deadliest on security forces for last 26 years of militancy period in the valley.
According to reports, four heavily armed terrorist struck in the camp around 4 AM on Sunday, though they were neutralized by the Army but after suffering heavy causalities.
It has crossed all limits of patience and now it is the time of action on the part of government and security forces to teach Pakistan a lesson, a demand coming from several section of society for a long time, otherwise blood of soldiers and innocent civilians would continue to spell, emboldening inimical forces to India to repeat such type of strikes.
There is no doubt that it is only Pakistan which is sponsoring such types of attack and accordingly we are also blaming Pakistan and condemning attack.
But this attack has also raised question mark on our security system.
First of all how terrorist managed to sneak into our border and secondly how they succeeded in entering sensitive Army camp at Uri in Baramulla district?
Really, there is great security lapse which definitely our Army would investigate with its own system but at present they have to maintain extra vigilant so that recurrences of such types of attacks could be averted.
Uri is very near to LoC, where
infiltration and skirmishes with Pakistan continue so it demand high alertness on the part of security forces deployed here.
The attack comes two years after terrorists carried out a similar type of attack at Mohra, in the same region. Ten security personnel were killed in the attack that took place on December 5, 2014.
The high number of casualties in the Uri terror attack could be attributed to the fact that a large number of soldiers had been stationed at the camp in tents and other temporary structures. Some of these tents caught fire during the attack, and the fire spread to other parts of the barracks. The soldiers had been stationed there as they were turning over from a tour of duty.
Kashmir is already reeling under unrest for last more than two months, now major terrorist strike at Uri is going to give sleepless nights to the persons at helm of affairs and security forces deployed in Kashmir Valley.
All our defence experts in one voice are urging for to teach Pakistan a lesson otherwise there is no use of condemning and merely blaming Pakistan, a routine coming for many years.
We expect that Government of India would take all necessary steps keeping in view all aspect for defence and security of the country and teach Pakistan a lesson.

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