US aware of dirty games Pakistan plays in Balochistan: Baloch representative at UNHRC

Balochistan’s representative at UNHRC has heaped praise on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s for highlighting the human rights violations in Baloch area.

PM Modi’s call for action against Pakistan for its atrocities against the Baloch people in Pakistan has send chills down the spine of Pakistan military and establishment, Mehran Marri, Balochistan’s representative at UNHRC said.

Marri confirmed that Pakistan has intensified military operations in many Baloch areas in the recent weeks.

The Baloch representative urged the US to rethink its policy regarding Pakistan and take a step in same direction as India and Afghanistan have taken.

While requesting the US to take a step Marri said, “US is well aware of connivance and dirty games that Pakistan security agencies and military play in Balochistan.”

His statements come after the US recently said it is against independence for the Pakistani province of Balochistan where there have been allegations of human rights violations that were flagged by PM Modi in his I-Day speech.

While thanking PM Modi for lending support, Marri said, “Myself and the Baloch nation is very grateful to India for raising the issue, adding, “We see New Delhi is very serious about addressing the issue of Balochistan and human rights violations that Pakistan is committing there.”

In a first for any Indian Prime Minister in an August 15 Independence Day speech, Modi referred to human rights violations in Balochistan and the part of Kashmir that Pakistan controls.

The public reference to Balochistan by Modi was viewed as India hitting back at Pakistan for persistently raising the Kashmir issue and its attempts to internationalise it.

Notably, Days after PM Modi highlighted the Balochistan issue, public broadcaster Prasar Bharati on Friday launched a website and mobile app for All India Radio’s Balochi service to reach out to the people who speak the language across the globe.

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