US ‘strongly condemns’ any crime based on someone’s ethnicity

Washington, April 14
The US “strongly condemns” any crime based on ethnicity and heritage, the State Department has said in the wake of spurt in hate crimes against Indian-
“Any crime that is potentially based on someone’s ethnicity or heritage should be heartily condemned,” State Department Acting Spokesman Mark Toner told reporters on Thursday.
The US “strongly condemns any hate crime, carried out against someone based on their ethnicity, and their sexual orientation, he said.’
“Secondly, though, with respect to these particular crimes, that’s really something for either local, regional, or federal law enforcement to speak to. All of these crimes need to be thoroughly investigated,” he said.
“That’s why I’m very hesitant to comment on one particular case or not, because I don’t know the facts and it would be imprudent for me, except to say that, largely speaking, there’s a strong Indian American community in this country,”
he said.
“They’re a vibrant part of American culture and society and the economy here. And we, as Americans welcome their
contribution,” Toner said.

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