Valentine week: Celebrate ‘Kiss Day’ with these unique kisses!

One of the days in the Valentine week is the Kiss Day. Kiss Day is observed to celebrate the unique act of expressing one’s fondness for another. And although mostly it is meant for the lovebirds – Kiss Day could also be significant to friends and near and dear ones.


Undoubtedly, it is perhaps the most special and guaranteed way of reaching out to the one you love with ease. As they say, one true kiss can wipe away the tears of soul – the power of kiss is simply difficult to put in plain words.

In this article, we show you what are the different types of kisses and what is their inner meaning. So next time you are with your partner – make sure you plant a kiss on him/her in the way you want your feelings to be told.

Kiss on forehead:

The most celebrated style of expressing love! But more than being a passionate kiss, this kiss shows the trust that the person feels for you – the sense of safety they feel around you. This is a special kiss.

Kiss on ear:

Although not exactly sexual, this type of kiss could mean a prelude to a romantic session. A kiss on the ear is gentle, sexy and romantic all at once!

Kiss on the cheek:

Kisses on the cheek mean you are being friendly. This kiss can be shared between friends and near and dear ones and need not necessarily carry any sexual undertone. This kiss is sweet!

Kiss on hand:

Kissing the back of the hand means adoring the person. It is gentle and respectable. It could simply mean that your boyfriend/girlfriend finds you adorable and genuine.

Kiss on the neck:

This is an intimate kiss. Kiss on the neck certainly sparks an inner passion, and leads to the next level. This is a passionate kiss and speaks out loud: “you belong with me!”

Kiss on shoulder

A gentle peck on the shoulder means wanting the person who is with you. If you love your partner enough and have no clue how to come about to the point, a kiss on the shoulder is enough!

Kiss on the lips

Kiss on the lips portray a deeper feeling, passion for the person you love. A kiss on the lip can be short, long or of different kinds – but it is definitely special in every way. Save it for special occasions!

Kiss on the foot:

This is another way to seduce the person you are with. But this is more of a lazy mood seduction – it may end up nowhere but a simple cuddle, but a kiss on the foot certainly has a meaning.

Kiss on belly button:
This is more to build a teasing environment. A kiss on the belly button is full of mischief and could express a naughty side of the person who is doing it to you!

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