Valentine’s Day special: Want to woo your loved one? Try these romantic messages

FEBRUARY 14: Hailed to be one of the most romantic days for lovers – Valentine’s Day celebrates love worldwide on February 14 every year.


This is a special day for lovers to express their love. For those who haven’t yet made the right move – can take a leap and express their love this day. That said, a lot depend on the ingredients of your expression – make sure you choose right words to declare your love for the loved one. It is of key importance to know what to say and how!

Here we have a list of Whatsapp messages to woo your loved one.

I can’t spend a day without you,

Do you even have a clue?

That I so love you

I really do!

I can’t imagine what life would have been

like if we had never met

We may not say it as

often as we used to,

but I just wanted you to know


To the world you might just be one person

but to me you are the world

You possess a piece of my heart and soul,

and I will never be complete without you – I love you!

Remember, you are my happy ending. I LOVE YOU!

I am in love with your smile

I am in love with your eyes

I am in love with your face

I am in love with your heart

I am in love with your soul

I am in love with you!

Let’s be absolutely stupid and fall in love

with each other!

If love is when other person’s happiness is more

important than your own – I LOVE YOU!

You are my life, my joy, my hapiness

You are my everything!


I send you my heart

In this little message

Guard it well and keep it safe

My heart belongs to you!

Love you today, tomorrow and forever!

Loving you is a full time job,
and I love my career!


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