VANITY NUMBER: ARTO auctions 0001 series for Rs 1 Lakh

Assistant Regional Transport Officer (ARTO) Samba auctioned the vanity number JK21C 0001 for Rs. 1 Lakh here today.
As per official handout, a new series of registration numbers JK 21C has been started by the registering authority, ARTO Samba today and the first vanity number of the series JK-21C-0001 was auctioned by the ARTO through open bid in his office chamber.
Two bidders participated in the bid process and highest bid was made for Rs 1.00 Lakh for this number and the 2nd highest bid closed at Rs 0.90 lakh.
The bid amount was extra to the amount Rs 30400 already deposited by the applicant for the registration fee, token tax, late fee and basic vanity fee. The total fee paid by the applicant for JK-21C -0001 number was Rs 1.30 lakh.
ARTO Samba Er. Kuldeep Singh disclosed that any individual can apply for any vanity number of his/her choice and the highest bidder will get the vanity number as per the choice.

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