Varieties of cakes were mixed especially the Christmas plum cakes in order to celebrate Christmas

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Jammu Tawi, December 7

Clarksinn, Amritsar today organised a cake mixing ceremony. The staff prepared pre-mixture for the Christmas cakes in which variety of dry fruits were mixed and soaked in wine, brandy & rum. The event was organised as a ritual which has to be done before Christmas Eve in order to prepare flavored plum cakes. Tarsem Singh (General Manager), Vijay Kumar(Food & Beverage Manager) and Surinder (Executive Chef) informed that making of Cakes are done mostly in the month of December. Cakes are very important in this festive season. Interested people always try to experiment different methods in making of cakes.
Hotel HK Clarksinn has stepped forward and already started preparations in making of special kind of cake which may weigh up to 35 to 40 Kgs. All staff members and guests have joined hands in the preparation of cake.
This is to mention that the age old ceremony of cake mixing starts a few months before Christmas and the winter festivities and is considered to be an usher for good tidings and happiness. It is a tradition at HK Clarksinn to welcome the holiday season with a fruit soaking ceremony ahead of Christmas. There are massive steel basins with candied ginger strips lining the bottom, and huge trays filled with fruit – raisins, black currants, candied peel, candied cherries, tutti frutti etc. of course the all important ‘spirit of the season in different flavours of wine & Brandies to soak the fruit with.

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