‘Varsity lapses Rs 70 crores under PMRP’

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Balwant Singh Bhau
Bringing embarrassment to the Jammu University, an officer of the varsity accused the premier institute of lacking work culture. He even disgusted at the University administration of having plagued the system by working ‘arbitrarily’.
In an exclusive talk with Newspoint, senior faculty member of the University- Prof Dipankar Sengupta, who happens to be from Kolkatta, said that Jammu University follows no standard of working, as administration are running this institute arbitrarily.
He shared such mismanagement on the part of administration caused lapse of Rs 70 crore to the University.
“I do not see proper work culture in the University. There is no rules and regulations for administration of this institute and everyone is powerful enough to steer it the way he likes,” Gupta said and added in this mess the varsity is facing ‘system paralysis’.
Taking dig at the University administration, professor of economics-Prof Sengupta said that one can imagine the seriousness of work culture in this institute as no proper criteria is followed for promotions.
“There is not system for promotion. In the last eight years, only one person has been directly appointed for the post of professor and assistant professor,” he maintained, adding “Even the positions under UGC are lying vacant, which lapsed due to no response. In the last two years, no interviews for the post of Assistant professor have been held.”
“We have more than 100 posts vacant and no successful promotion has taken place since two years and even up gradation through CAS has taken place,” he added.
Talking about lapse of funds, Prof Dipankar said that Rs 70 crores under PMRP remained unspent due to apathy and unplanned administration.
“PMRP sanctioned Rs 118 crores to the University, but due to unplanned policies of the administration only 48 crore were utilized while as rest of the money remain unspent,” he rued.
He further asserted that despite being an autonomous body, the administration has deliberately brought Jammu University under FCRA Act 2010.
“Earlier the cost of visit of any faculty member to foreign institute was to be borne by either the host institute or some other sponsor, but under FCRA Act government agencies were restricted to bear the burden and Jammu University administration has brought this institute into this autonomous body,” he said.
He added that moreover they do not know how to spend the funds.
He accused, “Sometimes when experts are called from other cities, the admin feels reluctant to pass the bills though.” He further added that sometimes he feels that reputation of the institute and faculty is being tarnished because of the funds.
To streamline the system, Prof. Dipankar Sengupta has also filed his nominations for the post of president of Jammu University Teachers’ Association (JUTA).

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