Video-recording of CIC-proceedings only option

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It refers to Division Bench of Delhi High Court reportedly on 06.05.2016 refusing to even admit appeal of a Commissioner at Central Information Commission (CIC) against a lawyer who got an order from the single-bench for transfer of all cases from him where the lawyer would be appearing. The said Commissioner in his earlier orders has mentioned about his spat with other lawyers.

Several petitioners got their cases transferred from the said Commissioner. Same Commissioner once in his order confessed about an officer of public-authority having threatened him for complaining against him with Chief Information Commissioner and even filing a police-complaint.

Reports of serious and loud spat between a senior officer and a Commissioner at Central Information Commission (CIC) were also there in past. Some Commissioner/s do not allow public-authorities/petitioners present themselves through video-conferencing resulting in huge wastage of money of public-authorities and petitioners based outside Delhi.

Since it is a cumbersome procedure to get a Commissioner removed from the post, only option remains to install CCTV cameras and arrange video-recordings of proceedings at CIC. It will also act as an experiment for demands being raised for video-recording of court-proceedings.





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