Violence in Valley

Dear Editor,

Curfew, shutdown, strike, stone pelting, and killing of civilian in police firing has become common in Kashmir Valley. In-fact, anti-national forces have made their root so strong that a little bit incident or rumour spark wide spread violence across the valley, venting anger against security forces and government. This has been going on since 1989-90 period.

Pakistan ISI is adopting two types of pronged strategy to keep Kashmir issue boiling: first strategy sponsorship of terrorism through infiltration and second brain washing of locals particularly youths to wean away from national main stream and making them anti India. There is no doubt that security forces have succeeded to some extent to eliminate terrorism and check infiltration on Loc and International Border by making supreme sacrifice but radicalization of youths in Kashmir Valley is worrying them and the persons at the helm of affairs.

Earlier, anti-India slogans were heard in the Valley, but now these elements has become so bold that they venture to show their anti India spirit outside Valley particularly during Indo-Pak cricket match. In fact Kashmir is very delicate problem and require solution by walking on tight rope by whosoever government particularly at centre.

At present Kashmir need balm to be applied on wounds. Separatist leaders should need to understand their adamant attitude have wrought havoc in Valley for last two and half decade. Before the situation go further out of control, they should accept invitation of central government to explore solution of this vexed issue in the frame work of Constitution. All stakeholders should understand that sooner or later durable peace can be restored through dialogue.



Kunjwani, Jammu



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