Wage war against political exploitation: Farooq

National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah on Monday sought a decisive role for weaker sections of society in decision making, saying unless their empowerment progress of Jammu and Kashmir will remain meaningless.

“Peasants and weaker sections form core of the society and their politico-economic empowerment is imperative for harmonious growth of the society and the state”, Dr Abdullah said at a function held at Padyari here this morning. National Conference President referred to landmark initiatives taken by his party decades ago for economic emancipation of the poor segments of society and described Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah’s land to tiller as a pioneering step across the country aimed at empowering the poor.

“Those were the times when such a revolutionary measure was beyond imagination of the political class”, he said, adding that with a single decision, lakhs of peasants woke up at masters of the holdings they were tilling as labourers. He attributed such a landmark decision to the progressive outlook of National Conference and its leadership.

Dr Abdullah exhorted people to continue their war against deprivation and political exploitation under the banner of National Conference, saying this mass movement has always worked for the suppressed segments of society. He also spelled out a big role for youth in this continuous fight, hoping they will come forward and lead the society for better tomorrow.

Speaking on the occasion, former legislator Sagar Chand described National Conference as pivot of peoples’ political and economic aspirations.

“Sher-e-Kashmir’s great legacy has withstood test of times and National Conference has all along remained in the forefront for safeguarding the interests of the people of the State, irrespective of region, religion or caste”, Sagar Chand said, adding that the party has always worked for the welfare of people.

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