Walkout no solution, withdraw support from alliance; says Sham

Sham Lal Sharma today lambasted on BJP legislatures on their walkout from District Development Board meetings and State Legislative Assembly.
While addressing Monthly Block Congress Committee meeting at Akhnoor Sr Vice President JKPCC & Former Minister Congress expressed his concern over such walkout and said walkout is not a solution, In case these members felt indiscriminate they should straightway resign from the Government.
Sham expressed surprised that being in the Govt these members are forced to walkout and their issue’s aren’t heard by the Govt to which they are the party.
He said that the BJP which consider themselves CHAMPIONS of Jammu region is not able to settle the issue of people of Jammu and feel disparity between Jammu region and Kashmir region and also disparity in distribution of funds between two regions.”They should take away their support from PDP and not to behave like mute spectator. Merely protesting from meetings is no answer to genuine issues of the people of Jammu region.” he added.
He also said that BJP formed this Govt. with PDP purely on developmental basis which is also mentioned in The Agenda Of Alliane, but now they have been totally exposed as they are directly supporting the contesting candidate from Anantnag who belongs to PDP.BJP claims the contesting candidate to be the common candidate for both the parties.
Taking dig at BJP Sham said that while campaigning both for Parliament and Assembly elections BJP befooled people of Jammu by making huge promises like giving 15 lacs to each member, settlement of various issues of border population and Refugees, but none of these promises were fulfilled.
He further said that during election campaign the BJP promised Border population that plots will be alloted to them in safer zone. But now the NDA Govt has backed out from his assurance.
He also alleged that BJP and its leadership totally surrendered and lack of strength over the issues of people who gave them heavy mandate to safeguard their interest.
Those who also spoke are Kuldeep Raj Verma Ex Vice Chairman OBC, Balvinder Sambyal Chairman Seva Dal, Vandana Sharma Secretary Mahila Congress, Rita Kanoj Secretary Mahila Congress, Didar Hussain VC ST Cell JKPCC, Sdr.Surjit Singh V.C Jammu Province Minority Cell, Gulzar Masih VC Jammu Province Minority Cell, Naresh Kumar AYC President Akhnoor, Vijay Block Mahila Congress, Subash Langer Conveynor, Sarpanches and Panches.

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