Watch: This video of how Soan Papdi is made will make you respect it more

Do you love sweets? In fact, do you love the flaky-light goodness that goes by the name Soan Papdi? If you do, then this is one video you definitely need to watch.

It’s festive season, and everyone is pretty much thinking sweets, which probably explains why this 4-minute video on the making of Soan Papdi is suddenly doing the rounds on social media networks. It’s remarkable how much effort goes into making this popular north Indian sweet that’s also known as Patisa.

The video shows four people using all their muscle power to first knead the dough and then incorporate the layers by pulling the sugary dough and slowing mixing in the flavours. Take a look at the video, and you are sure to respect each crumb of the flaky deliciousness next time you bite into it.


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