Water crisis hit Bahu Fort localities

Situated at bank of river Tawi and in vicinity to the biggest water Installation that caters the potable water needs of entire south Jammu, residential areas of Bahu Fort are faced with acute shortage of water from past five months.

As per the locals, over all these months the PHE officials, responsible for water supply operation in Bahu Fort restrict the supply to 30 minutes in 72 hours.

Areas such as Central Mohalla, Manhas Ghar, Nali Mohalla, Kaccha Talab, Bhramahin Mohalla, and other inner localities   are worst hit.  Residents of these area are erratic supply for nearly five months now. People are forced to walk to other areas, pots in hand, to get water from public taps, or wait for the occasional tanker sent in by a rich man or a political leader.

Those who can afford to pay Rs 800 to 1000 charged by the private water tankers, say they have been doing so over all these months.

The locals also alleged that the officials of PHE, which include just one permanent and few contractual employees, encourage massive illegal water connections in lieu of money.

“PHE officials allow people to drill holes on main water supply pipe at their desired spot, which affect the supply to other genuine costumers also.” A government employee who lives near Bahu Fort said they had been buying water from tankers for months.

Lukesh Sagotra, resident of Central Mohalla, Bahu Fort, said, “ the shortage of Water supply has made their life hell and despite repeated pleas, PHE is doing nothing to restore regular supply”.

“We get water once in three days and that too only for 30 minutes, which is not enough to fulfill the daily need,” he added.


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