Water-logging continuous to trouble shopkeeper at Canal Road

Karan Choudhary
Despite assurances from the government of improving drainage system of the congested roads in Jammu city, water logging triggered by incessant rains continues to trouble shopkeepers and residents of Canal Road in Jammu.
During slight showers, the roads get submerged in water owing to lack of proper drainage system. However shopkeepers of the area approached the concerned authorities many times but nothing concrete has been done so far.
The reason for water logging is nallahs flowing from Rehari, Bakshi Nagar, Remeshpur and its surrounding area and come through Krishana Nagar and Ravi Dass temple. The filthy water and garbage come through this nallah, resulting heavy blockage during raining season, which also starts overflowing on road converting area into pond which creates havoc for shopkeepers and inhabitant of Krishana Nagar.
Most of shopkeepers have already raised their level of structure from the road so that water doesn’t enter shops, but to no avail. However, this road is connecting several areas including Talab Tillo, Akhnoor Road and Jammu-Poonch Highway, thus heavy traffic is seen on this road but concerned authorities is least bothered.
Even Science College and Commerce College are hit by water-logging problem as water entered into both colleges creating trouble for students as well as staff of the colleges. After heavy rains, the road and both college turns into pond.
“In recent rain, the water entered to our shops, resulting damage to stuff of shop, resulting heavy losses to us,” said a Ramesh Lal Gupta, an owner of Sweet Shop.
He added, “Every year we face same situation but the concerned authorities is least bothered about it.”
Expressing resentment over the government apathy, Naresh Kumar, a tailor who runs his shop at the market said, “Last time water had entered into my shop and damaged all clothes, which were latterly floating on the water. Now customers are forcing me to bring new clothes for them,” he added their problem escalates during rains.
“Moreover, due to damage to the 4th bridge of the tawi, the movement of vehicles has multiplied, so does our problem,” said Surinder Gupta, owner of Medical shop.
Talking to Newspoint, Principal of GGM Science College-Ajeet Angral said that water logging is recurrent problem in this area. “Whenever Jammu witnesses rain, this is the first area to get submerged in water. Not only students face problem in commuting to college, but the overflowing of drainage and floating of polythene and other garbage gets scattered across the college premises, causing problem for the students as well as college staff,” said Angral, adding they have raised this issue with the government and a proposal in this regard has already been discussed with the administration.

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