We are sorry: Virat Kohli says what every guy should be saying on Women’s Day

March 8: Indian cricket team’s flamboyant batsman Virat Kohli is often thought of as a spoilt brat who cares very little about etiquette and chivalry. He is imperatively linked with the ‘thok denge’ attitude of Delhites, but the elegant right-hander’s latest message on International Women’s Day, will change a lot of perceptions. In a picture uploaded by his fashion line ‘Wrong’, the Indian Test captain is seen standing with folded hands with the image being captioned as ‘SORRY’. It was shared by the maverick batsman on his social media pages. The caption of the image read

Dear girls,

Sorry for the jerks.

The whistlers.

The cat-callers.

The blank-callers.

The won’t-stop-starers.

The “frandship” stalkers.

The “accidental” brushers.

The glass-ceiling makers.

Please don’t let them

ruin it for the rest of us.

Happy Women’s Day.

With the increasing atrocities and crimes against women, a role model is required for the youngsters. Virat Kohli perfectly fits in that role.

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