We do not support talks with Separatists to resolve ‘Kashmir’ issue: BAJ

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Jammu Tawi, May 1
A battery of lawyers representing Bar Association of Jammu today said that they do not support talks with Separatists to resolve Kashmir issue. Dispelling the self generated impression that the whole of the legal fraternity in J&K is with separatists and stone-pelters, Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association, Jammu said that whole of J&K is an integral part of India and the Association always consider India as the only stakeholder in J&K. “We disassociate ourselves from Kashmir Bar’s motivated demand that the Government of India needs to hold talks with separatists to resolve the Kashmir issue,” B S Slathia, BAJ president here told reporters. “Article 1 of the Indian Constitution and Section 3 of the J&K Constitution unambiguously spells out that J&K is an integral part of India and those who are questioning the political and Legal status of J&K vis-à-vis India, are only advocating the pernicious two-nation theory, which no nationalist in J&K would ever endorse, he added.” The Jammu Bar Association makes it clear that it has nothing to do with what the JKHCBA, Srinagar and added that their stand was a contributed view, which both legally and ethically holds no ground and deserved condemnation from one and all in the Country.
“People of J&K are stakeholders only as far as the issues of governance and development are concerned,” said Slathia and added that as regards Kashmir’s situation, the Jammu BAJ stands with and for unity of India and its integrity. Slathia however, also welcomed the April 29 Supreme Court’s observation that no talks could be held with those demanding “Azadi” and “separatists” and that there was no problem if the elected representatives in J&K wanted to discuss with the Union Government, the governance and developmental issues. “We also welcome the Supreme Court’s ruling that if the Srinagar Bar Association JKHCBA gives an undertaking that there will be no stone-pelting in Kashmir, it could consider its demand seeking withdrawal of pellet guns from Kashmir.” “The SC’s observation that there could be no talks with those demanding disintegration of India, has sent a right message to Kashmiri separatists and their supporters in the political parties,” he added.
“J&K High Court Bar Association, Jammu represents the nationalist mindset of J&K and therefore feels that Army and Paramilitary forces must be given a freehand to retrieve the situation,” said the BAJ president.
“We also emphasizes that there is a majority in Kashmir which earnestly wants this insanity of Separatists to end for the schooling of their children to commence, for the tourism to flourish and for the Kashmir to become a heaven on earth once again acceptable to the bleeding nation,” said Slathia.

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