We feel humbled by huge Delhi mandate: Dr Jitendra

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New Delhi, April 26
Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh, who was also a member of the BJP National team for Delhi Municipal Corporation elections today said “We, the BJP Karyakartas, feel humbled by the huge Delhi mandate and realize the serious responsibility of dedicating ourselves to serve the aspirations and expectations of the people who have reposed their faith in us”. Addressing the media persons here in BJP office at Delhi, Dr Jitendra Singh said, the MCD poll result has also sent out a message that the voter has come of age and cannot be fooled or bluffed by the tricks used in the past elections. He said, what many of us in the political arena sometimes fail to realize is that a huge chunk of voters today is comprised of youth who, rising above all extraneous considerations, look forward to put their weight behind the political party and leadership which they can trust to take care of their future stakes. Under the leadership of Narendra Modi and stewardship of Amit Shah, Dr Jitendra Singh said, common voter, particularly the youth finds a dispensation which has the capacity to carry forward his aspirations with honesty, conviction and courage. As a result, he said, BJP has emerged as the only viable option for aspirational India and is being seen as the most suitable organization to lead the common masses at all levels, whether it be the local bodies or the State Assembly or the Parliament. Dr Jitendra Singh thanked the people of Delhi, including those of Delhi East where he was assigned by the Party for election work and said, an overwhelming response from this difficult area was possible because of the micro-management in which every Karyakarta, big or small, devoted himself with full vigour.
Showering all praise on BJP national president Amit Shah’s diligent management, Dr Jitendra Singh said, it is the impeccable image of Narendra Modi and 24X7 focused hard work of Amit Shah which inspires each and every Karyakarta to perform and prove his best.

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