We need no lessons on morality from Kashmir!  

Parteeksha Sharma

Those who came out naked in front of ex-Prime Minister Late Indira Gandhi during a Jam-packed rally in Iqbal Park in Srinagar in the year 1983 should stop giving us lessons on morality and respect for women folk. When you cannot defeat someone with logic and reason, defame him is what they are trying but Dogras of Jammu won’t let them succeed.

I am reminded how Late Smt. Indira Gandhi reacted to this. She had said “There is such stark poverty here that there are people who have not even enough to wear. That is why some of them are going about stark naked.” Don’t peach us women empowerment and respect for women. We are yet to stoop to this level. Our protests have always been dignified and peaceful.

Nothing would deter Dogras of Jammu region from continuing peaceful agitation for convincing state government to order CBI inquiry into alleged rape and murder of 8 year old Goddess. The fight would continue till the time state government does not recommend CBI probe into the Rasana case.

We understand that the huge success of Dogra Swabhiman Rally has shaken foundations of the state government. They had not expected Dogras of Jammu region would respond to the call and unite in such huge numbers for seeking CBI probe. Conspiracies to defame this agitation for CBI probe into Rasana case are being hatched but we would not let anyone break our resolve for getting Justice for the 8-year-old Goddess.

Those who used the name of the 8 year old Goddess as well as her community to stoke communal passions in the entire region where their political future is at stake should stop teaching us morality and respect for women folk. I need not to remind anyone about parody account on twitter of my Late Mufti Mohammed Sayeed, which vanished within minutes of him assuming office as Chief Minister in 2015.

But being a proud Dogra let me make it clear that no one is bigger than the cause which we have taken up. No one would be allowed to change the narrative. Our struggle for getting CBI probe into the Rasana rape and murder would continue. I disapprove the use of derogatory language since that is neither Dogra culture nor part of the DNA of the people of Jammu region. Jammu region is united in its resolve to get CBI probe.

I appeal Dogras of Jammu region to remain steadfast in their resolve for getting CBI probe, said Choudhary Lal Singh. We will not rest till the whole world stops calling us Dogras supporters of Rape and Murder accused. CBI probe would not let anyone go scot free. Why do you hesitate in talking about Pathribal Probe? Memories should not be short-lived. Blinded by hatred towards Dogras, CBI probe is being denied. Before using adjectives for Dogras, look inwards. Your approach has always been regional and communal.

Why not CBI probe? What is stopping you if you are convinced you have adequate evidence in hand? Why? The only answer is arrogance and the belief that if you continue with this attitude, people in Kashmir valley would let you hold elections for Anantnag Lok Sabha constituency. The denial for CBI probe has nothing to do with your resolve to get justice for the 8 year old Goddess. It is more because, it suits you politically in Kashmir valley. You want to recover the ground lost by you. But be sure, Dogras of Jammu region won’t let you derive political benefits out this grave human tragedy.

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