Weak monsoon leads to lingering humid weather in Jammu

Pardeep Singh Bali

Despite fall of Navratras, hot and humid weather continues to linger on in Jammu, which the Meteorological department says is because of weak monsoon and unprecedented western disturbances. Talking to Newspoint, Director MeT, Sonam Lotus said that the weak monsoon and unprecedented western disturbances have caused lingering climatic conditions in Jammu.
“This year Jammu and Kashmir witnessed weakest monsoon and the western disturbances also remained unprecedented. All these factors compounded to alter the weather conditions of the entire state,” said Sonam Lotus, adding that weather is likely to change from tomorrow.
“Jammu is expected to witness light to moderate
showers from Friday and it will certainly bring relief from humid conditions,” Lotus said.
When asked about impact of global warming on persistent hot climate in Jammu, director MeT said that they cannot comment about it.
“I cannot blame global warming for the present situation, but it cannot be overruled as well. What we can see from the changing trend is that low and weak monsoon and western disturbances remained major parameter for change is weather in Jammu and Kashmir,” Sonam Lotus said and added that people in Jammu will certainly have sigh of relief in next week, as moderate to light showers will diffuse the humidity.
He, however, said that winter will fall late than the normal and there is no probability of early snowfall in the state.
Meanwhile, scientists say that when winters set in late, they usually linger for longer. For all of October and the first two weeks of November, temperatures in most parts of Jammu and Kashmir will be substantially higher than normal. “In some places, the departures were as much as 5-8 degrees more than normal. Besides, the small amount of rainfall that takes place in late November and early December, which will bring the chill in the air,” said scientists.
It is pertinent to mention here that there is a common belief among people in Jammu that Navratras bring winters along with them.
“It has been seen over the years that nights during navratras are cold but this time the things are different as humidity and hot weathers continues to linger on,” said Partap Singh- Jagrata organizer at Janipur.

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