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It refers to Vice President (Rajya Sabha chairperson) accepting various recommendations of a Rajya Sabha committee which also included change in rules which also include that proceedings of Rajya Sabha will now onwards not be adjourned for complete day in honour of some its members dying during break between two sessions.
Lok Sabha should also adopt similar change of rules to avoid unnecessary day-break of Lok Sabha proceedings. Rather practice should be that a committee comprising of members from both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha may decide change in rules which may be uniformly applicable to both Houses of Parliament.
Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha should also ensure that their members may be ideals citizens to be taken as role-models by ordinary citizens of the country. Crimes committed by Parliamentarians even attracting Parliamentary privileges should attract serious-most punishments including action against various provisions of Indian Penal Code.
JMM Parliamentarians were acquitted by Supreme Court because their bribed act of voting in favour of the then government was considered immunised being done during Parliamentary proceedings. Parliamentarian Rajesh Manjhi escaped with a minor punishment of expulsion for a month’s sittings of Lok Sabha for a serious unpardonable crime of taking his girl-friend in name of his wife in a Parliamentary delegation. Parliamentarians detected for having filed fake air-tickets for availing reimbursement for Leave Travel Concession (LTC), escaped by putting blame on their personal staff for the big fraud even though documents for getting LTC amount reimbursed were signed by those Parliamentarians. No action was taken against a Parliamentarian tearing copy of Women Reservation Bill despite big majority in support of the bill in the House.
Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha should install bio-metric attendance-machines to ensure presence of Parliamentarians for full day-session rather than getting daily allowance by attending the day-session for a very short duration. Even Parliamentarians on 26.04.2016 raised issue of continued long absence of Mithun Chakravarty (TMC) from Rajya Sabha proceedings in name of ‘illness’, pointing out that he was otherwise available for shooting of commercial advertisements.
Lok Sabha member Rahul Gandhi deliberately missed important-most year-2015 budget-session of Parliament without any proper reason. There are other such Parliamentarians especially with a ‘feather in cap’ of being nominated Rajya Sabha members who are notorious for not fulfilling their duty as Parliamentarians by ignoring Parliamentary sessions.
Another notorious case is of perfectly disabled George Fernandes having once been elected as Rajya Sabha member just to make his ministerial government-bunga low retained allotted to him, when even his membership-oath had to be read by his party-colleague. Membership of Parliament should be cancelled in case of continuous absence even due to illness. Only medically fit persons can properly perform duty as Parliamentarians.
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