Welcome move to ban silver-leaves

Dear Editor,
It refers to Union Health Ministry considering banning conventional unhygienic process of manufacturing thin silver leaves (vark) by hammering thin sheets of silver in the middle of sheets made of a bull’s intestines. Process is unhygienic where at times traces of bull’s intestines remain with silver leaves (vark), this being the reason many people mainly from minority Jain community avoid using food-items (sweets etc) decorated with silver leaves (vark) because their religion does not allow non-vegetarian food or items made through slaughtering animals.
Process also is cruelty on animals where intestines of bull are immediately removed after slaughtering the animal to be sold to the manufacturers of foils, because these become useless after even small lapse of time of slaughtering the animal. It is that production of silver leaves (vark) may only be permitted in organized sector that too with Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (fssai) approval. It will be better if use of silver leaves (vark) may be disallowed for decorating food-items also because many-a-times metals other than silver are used to make varks, and consumer cannot know if used silver leaves (vark) was with fssai approval or not.
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