Welcome reduction in land-rates

Dear Editor,
It refers to welcome decision of central government in making land available to Delhi government for several public-utility purposes like hospitals, schools, orphanages and even their staff-quarters by Delhi Development Authority (DDA) at nominal rate of rupee one per square meter.
Even land-rates for constructing
DTC bus-depots and government-offices
have been drastically reduced to either at
‘no-profit, no-loss’ basis or zonal variant rates. Approval of several long-pending projects like skyway, flyovers, underpasses and foot over-bridges is welcome.
Central government should exhibit more cordial attitude towards Delhi government in a manner political bitterness between political rulers at Delhi and at the centre adversely affecting citizens of Delhi may come to an end. For instance there may not be any harm for the centre in accepting demand of Delhi government for transferring Magsaysay award winner officer Sanjiv Chaturvedi to Delhi government also because presently services of the said officer are grossly under-utilised.
An officer costs heavily to public-exchequer not only through his salary but also on other facilities like residence, vehicle, office-staff etc.
Therefore it is always preferable if service of an underutilized government-officer may be best utilized by transferring him to a state desiring his services.
1775 Kucha Lattushah
Dariba Delhi 110006 (India)

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