What to wear and what not to wear: Fashion resolutions for 2016

The New Year brings with it a whole new set of fashion rules. Something that was trending last year might not be the flavour of the season anymore. This year, too, will focus on certain things more than others. For example, while last year championed the cause of indigenous textiles in a big way, fuss-free clothing and comfortable silhouettes seem to be the sartorial preferences this year.

So, if you haven’t rearranged your wardrobe to suit the style requirements of 2016, fret not.


We will get you into the swing of things with this exhaustive list of elements you should sport, and ones you should steer clear of.

Fashion resolutions for the year

1 Blouses will make way for shirts even in traditional looks

2 Wear clothes that complement your size

3 Opt for more jewel-toned ensembles this year, like lehengas designed by Rinku Sobti

4 Relaxed silhouettes are in this year

5 2016 will be all about breezy, fresh colours

6 Accessorise your look more often

7 Androgynous fashion is still in this year

8 Men should experiment more with their clothing

9 Stop blindly following the dandy

10 Say no to too much fabric and cumbersome clothing. Garments that drown you are hardly practical

1 1 Say no to clothes that are a size too small, too fitted or too revealing. Mystery is much more attractive

1 2 Don’t follow trends that work on models, who are paid to look that way, and make everything look amazing. Be realistic and pick clothes that suit your body type

1 3 Say no to heels that are too high and bags that are too big. Keep it simple, stylish and sensible

Top trends for 2016

1 Sharp-tailored clothing

2 Androgyny-inspired clothes, like the shirt dress

3 Breezy colours with a fresh appeal

4 Unconventional layering

5 Juxtaposed textures

6 Interesting peek-a-boo cut-outs

7 Relaxed silhouettes like palazzos, tunics, etc

8 Jewel tones

9 Colour-blocking

10 Bold, graphic prints

11 Men’s essentials in women’s wardrobes — white shirts and boyfriend jeans

12 Handcrafted fabrics

13 Shirts as an alternate to blouses

14 Flat sandals

15 Frills and flounces from the Victorian era

16 Pleats will be very popular this year

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