White Knight-Ranveer on cover of Filmfare Magazine

Ranveer Singh says in his latest interview to Filmfare he’s tired of kissing. Of exposing. That must be a first for a male actor. Tells you that times are changing. I love Ranveer for his candour, his joie de vivre. He’s permanently high on life. And yet there is a certain vulnerability about him that is appealing. He could be on top of the world and yet, knows it’s all transitory. That’s a good quality to have in a superstar. Amitabh Bachchan too has it yet. So he’s in good company.
He’s one star who wants to prove himself as an actor. This too is rare. So he keeps looking out for challenging roles. Given his charisma, he can sigh for most romances and make loads of money in the process. But his choices are different when it comes to doing love stories too. Befikre is one such example. Aditya Chopra gave us a new formula for romantic films in the ’90s and 20 years later, he’s upgrading the formula. Young people today show a lot more PDA than before. And are more interested in being ‘friends with benefit’ than marrying their best friends. This is todays’ reality and going by the promos of Befikre, Adi has got it bang on. It looks like a gamechanging film and Ranveer must count himself extremely lucky to be a part of it. He is supposedly playing Alauddin Khilji in his next, Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati. Khilji was a brutal invader and it would indeed be a huge challenge for Ranveer to pull it off.
It will be draining for him to do another period film so soon after Bajirao Mastani and one wishes him luck. Knowing him, one can be assured that he will give his 200 percent to it. Can’t wait to see him bring another historical figure alive.

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