Who cares for Clerical staff in J&K? DPC pending since 2012

Though there are various other issues but the major issue of the clerical is the failure of education department in holding regular departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) meetings mandated by government norms.

It is because of this reason that promotion of several clerical employees is pending since last many years. As per the government rules, the department must conduct DPC meeting after every six months but shocking to know that no DPC has been conducted by the department since August 2012. President All Jammu and Kashmir Non-Teaching Employees Association, Bharat Bhushan Kotwal said that despite repeated requests besides completion of the documents required, the department has not conducted the DPC since August 2012 for the unknown reasons.

He said that normally if department conduct DPC as per the norms a Junior Assistant (JA) could become Section Officer (SO) in 15 to 16 years but due to the lackadaisical approach of the department in conducting DPCs, it takes more than 35 years to become SO. And the heights of department’s callous approach could be better gauge by the fact that none of the clerical employee even from a reserved category has got promotion as undersecretary till date as while reaching at SO level the employee gets retirement due to the completion of its service tenure.

Not only this, those who are promoted as SO are on “Incharge Promotions” and have not been regularized till date. “In the incharge promotion an employee works as an incharge over the said position and gets only ‘charge allowance’ in addition to the grand pay which remain same as of Head Assistant and moreover there is no post retirement benefit of incharge promotion” Kotwal added.

The other issue is of pay anomalies over which the employees are struggling and have been duped by the state government as despite doing agreement with them, till date anomalies have not been removed.

Kotwal said that the pay anomaly case of SOs has been resolved as they were few in number but rest of the cadre including Junior Assistant, Senior Assistant and Head Assistant are lying pending over which a order has also been issued by the High Court but not implemented by the department. A committee has been formed by the chief secretary again over the issue and we will also fight for the cause till its logical conclusion.



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