Who is accountable for Kashmir unrest?

While as the things in Kashmir are on halt and the life have been crippled, the mainstream political parties are busy blaming each other for the unrest. Not only regional parties, even the national parties are blaming each other for the violence which has engulfed the regions since past more than 24 days.
The unrest which was triggered by the killing of a militant Burhan Wani has taken an unprecedented turn, wherein role of separatists has almost invalidated and the steering is managed by so called civil society.
When shouldering responsibility for the unrest in Kashmir Valley is concerned people often blame Pakistan for disturbing peaceful atmosphere in Kashmir. The government holds separatists and Pakistan responsible for the things happening, opposition holds government responsible for the events, while as media keeps on blaming new generation of militancy in the country.
May be all of them would be right on their part, but thing to contemplate is that why do not all these people come together and find a solution to the unrest and fix responsibility on the actual cause that has triggered the protests.
Let us talk about present scenario in Kashmir, where so called protesters and stone pelters claim that they do not receive any funding from Pakistan and other such sources talk blatant lie as every stone has a cost in Kashmir.
These miscreants, claiming to be fighting for so called freedom, abuse their own people, damage public property, attack minorities, hurl stone on residential houses and issue threat warnings barring freedom of girls.
Those people who sideline a major section of the society by issuing threat warning cannot intent to fight for freedom, because attaining freedom by crumbling liberty of women and minorities benefits only vested interests and not the society.
In its recent threat warning, the stone throwing community has warned the girls to stop riding scooties, if anyone found riding it will be killed and burnt on the spot. If this is kind of liberty they want to usher in Kashmir Valley, then the people are surely not supporting it.
If they are so much Islamic they must issue same warning to the boys, stop them from riding bikes, smoking cigratte and eve teasing. Until a nation cannot attain social freedom, they have no right to ask for political freedom. The major portion of the Kashmir population is living under the shadow of fear, fear from militants and agents of Pakistan. They do not seek any azadi from Indian yoke, but azadi from people who threat liberty of others.
Even those paid stone pelters themselves do not know what azadi they are asking.
They are on streets only because they are being told that some forces are about to damage their religion, which is sheer brainwashing using propaganda.
The youth should understand the policies of these elements and shun the path of violence because every lost life is precious. Pakistan sponsored people are only interested in disturbing the peaceful environment of Kashmir, while as people continue to suffer. They are losing young ones, while Pakistan and separatists are enjoying it on their cozy rooms.

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