Who is inflicting damage?

The spate of ongoing violence that has hit the Kashmir valley three months back after the death of Hizbul Terrorist-Burhan Wani has not only froze the economy, but some masked miscreants are also inflicting damage to the public and private property unabated.
Taking advantage of the circumstances, a group of so called freedom fighters, are targeting educational institutions, thus deprivin g future generations of needed infrastructure. They are attacking and looting banks, thus damaging economic source of the society. They are damaging vehicles, burning public transport, beating pedestrians, just to show that they will not allow people of the valley to have peaceful life.
Reports suggest that a group of masked people entered Jammu and Kashmir Bank (JKB) and damaged cash counter and other articles in the uptown for defying strike, called by separatists, demanding right to self determination. This shows that the touts are out to spread fear among the people, which they call, people’s choice.
The masked men damaged some furniture, cash counter and other articles and later escaped before police could reach the spot.
The bank was functioning from 0700 hrs to 0900 hrs on some working days for the past few weeks.
Both the factions of the Hurriyat Conference (HC) and Jammu and Kashmir Liberation (JKLF), spearheading the agitation since July 9, a day after Hizbul Mujahideen (HM) commander and two other militants were killed in an encounter in Anantnag, have already given strike call till tomorrow in the valley, where life remained crippled for the past 103 consecutive days today.
A group of masked youth ransacked vehicles and goods of street vendors for defying shutdown. The youths also pelted stones on passing vehicles. The attack by youth created panic in the area.
The reports of ransacking of vehicles were also received from Old City areas. A new trend has been made in Kashmir, wherein groups of youth appear on roads at Eidgah, Bohri Kadal, Nowhatta, Safa Kadal and Noorbagh and pelt stones on vehicles, resulting in damage. At Pulwama, masked youths carrying sticks appeared on roads at Hospital Road, Murran, Kangan and other areas and resorted to ransacking of shops, vehicles and street vendors’ goods for defying shutdown. They were, however, caught on camera.
They are not the vanguards of the peace and are inflicting huge damages to the society. The common people of the state, especially valley have to understand this thing that state is putting all efforts to bring those miscreants behind bars, but whenever police takes any action against them, people blames police for high handedness. At present the poor people of Kashmir is at the receiving end.

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