Who’s leading in Udhampur constituency – BJP or JKNPP?

The vote counting of DDC elections has started across Jammu and Kashmir. The Udhampur Constituency till now has 2 major parties in competition – BJP and JKNPP.

The Duddu Basant area has 2 candidates – Madhubala Kaljoria of BJP and Ashri Devi of JKNPP of which the BJP candidate is leading.

The Gordi area has Rakesh Chander Sharma (BJP) and Vishaw Dev Sharma (JKNPP) of which again the BJP candidate is leading.

BJP candidate Parikshit Singh is leading in Jaganu area of Udhampur. The other candidate of this area is Sanjeet Kumar of Panthers Party.

Lati Marothi area – Pinky Devi of BJP is leading followed by Bina Devi of Panthers Party.

Majalta area – Panthers party is leading with the candidate named Rajesh Sharma (1105 votes approx.) followed by an independent candidate, Raj Kapoor (700 votes approx.).

Narsu area – Subhash Chandra of BJP is leading followed by Khem Raj of Panthers Party.

Ramnagar area is lead by BJP candidate Mool Raj followed by Vinod Kumar of Panthers Party.

Tikri area is lead by Ashu Sharma followed by Rishma Samyal.