Why ban only diesel-taxis in Delhi?

Dear Editor,

It refers to ban imposed by Supreme Court on plying diesel-taxis in Delhi. Already diesel-cars exceeding 2000 cc are already banned to be sold and registered in Delhi. Procurement-price of petrol and diesel is almost same, but price of diesel is kept low because it was in earlier era was being used for commercial vehicles and tractors used in agriculture. But somehow with no government-check, cheaper diesel started being misused by introduction of diesel cars. Pollution is not the problem of Delhi alone.

To curb pollution and to prevent a sort of ‘subsidized’ diesel in cars, manufacture and sale of diesel-cars should altogether be banned in the country. Rather petrol-cars fitted with CNG kits should also be manufactured and sold in India.


Bigger luxury cars occupying much of road-space should be discouraged by imposing double excise-duty on costly cars than that imposed on cars with lower ex-factory price. Present system of levying excise-duty on cars according to length should be replaced by imposing it on basis of ex-factory price. Likewise other taxes like road-tax etc should be double on costlier cars.

Government should buy only low-priced cars except for being used by President, Vice President, Prime Minister and foreign dignitaries. Government should provide car-loans only for low-priced cars. Financing of any kind on high-priced cars must not be allowed.



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