Why did the authorities give permission for WCF if Yamuna was so fragile?

Newspoint Bureau
Jammu Tawi, April 18
The NGT can never get over the blot it has brought on itself by delaying natural justice to The Art of Living and allowing its own committee to malign the law-abiding organisation in the media. The Art of Living had obtained all the necessary permission including the NGT’s. The NGT had the application file for two months and they could have stopped it in the beginning. It defies all principles of natural justice that you give permissions and slap a fine for not violating any rules! If, at all, any fine has to be levied, it should be levied on the Central and State Governments and the NGT, itself, for giving the permission. If the Yamuna was so fragile and pure, they should have stopped the World Culture Festival at the very beginning. A historic program, deserving of applause and appreciation, is unjustly projected as a crime! Witnessed by 1.8 billion people all over the world and a massive turnout on the ground, a floating stage of 7 acres without any foundation (a marvel in itself!), the event polluted neither air, water nor land. The world over, cultural programs are held on riverbanks. The whole idea was to bring awareness to save the river. The Art of Living, that has rejuvenated 27 rivers, planted 71 million trees, revived several ponds is being projected as destroying a dead river. What a joke! The silence of the so-called experts, on the debris being dumped there and permanent structures coming around, exposes their malafide intentions. Over and above this, the closeness of the petitioner to the committee raises serious questions for which The Art of Living has filed a bias application, which is pending. The saviors are called destroyers and the giver of justice is penalising the honest! Thanks to technology, all allegations against The Art of Living stand disproved by the data available on Google maps since the last 10 years. I invite all honest environmentalists to study the case and unveil the truth.

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