Why india culpable for unpleasant developments?

Dear Editor,
I wonder why India needs to be held culpable for unpleasant developments in its neighborhood. The troubled politics in some South Asian nations are the outcome of internal squabbles rather than external instigation. The Nepal crisis was precipitated by a non-inclusive Constitution that leaves out marginalized communities.
The Nepali media’s attempts to project India as the agent of trouble have only concealed the failure of the political class there. In Sri Lanka, the defeat of Rajapaksa was only a reflection of resentment against his authoritarian rule. However, the chest-thumping following the hot pursuit of Naga militants in Myanmar could have been avoided.
Our neighbours, barring Bhutan, are habituated to using the “China card” to silence India on crucial issues. Nepal’s intransigence on concluding the most uneconomical transit route agreement with China, and the Maldives’s decision to let in China despite Indian sensitivities are cases in point. Unjustified tolerance is the most undesirable trait of diplomacy. Lastly, the spirit of “neighbourhood” lasts only as long as there are mutually beneficial policies.
Neha Kakkar
Sainik Colony, Jammju

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