Why is PDP-BJP govt deliberately silent over Rohingya issue?

Jammu is invariably called the land of refugees, sheltering lakhs from Kashmir, Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Pakistan over the past seven decades. Jammu has never said no to anyone. When Kashmiri Pandits were forced to leave their homes in Kashmir valley, Jammu welcomed them with warm embrace. When terrorists struck in erstwhile Doda and killed innocent minority community members, Jammu accommodated everyone who came here out of fear of getting killed. Those government employees who were serving the state in some way, when they were targetted in Kashmir valley, Jammu showed courage and asked them to make this city of temples their home. And if one takes into account the newly developed colonies in Jammu region, spirit of secularism and brotherhood that Jammuites have needs no explanation. People in Jammu region have accommodated everyone whosesoever has been victimised in any part of the state. But settlement of Rohingya Refugees from Myanmar has alarmed this Dogra land. Rohingyas are a roughly 1-million strong ethnic Muslim community in Myanmar, most of who are denied citizenship rights as the Myanmar government considers them to be illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. A sizeable number have fled to escape persecution and violence. Jammuites believe the Rohingya population is actually larger. The grim memories of the Kashmiri Pandit genocide in 1989-90 and fact that Kashmir valley is already pulling a disproportionate chunk of the state’s resources, leads many in predominantly Hindu Jammu to look at the settlement of Rohingyas in Jammu with resentment and suspicion. Settlements of Rohingya Muslims coming up at various places in Jammu city appear as an attempt to change the demography of the region. There are no two ways that the state government has not been successful in dealing with the matter soundly by ousting the Rohingyas from the state. In a recent development, a group of Rohingyas and Bangladeshi nationals have reportedly managed to buy land on the outskirts of Jammu city besides raising construction on lands of the Jammu Development Authority by procuring permanent resident certificates, Aadhaar cards and ration cards. Criminal silence of alliance and BJP in particular over illegal settlement of foreign nationals vindicates draconian motive of dispensation to reduce Dogras to minority. Authorities have recently demolished illegal constructions on encroached government land in strategic locations of Jammu’s Nagrota area. What happened to much touted Muslim brotherhood? Why are Muslim nations not able to take care of their brothers?
Countries like Malaysia who have substantial Muslim population are doing nothing but lip service by merely condemning the counter insurgency operations of the Burmese Army. If they are genuinely concerned, why don’t they open their doors for the Rohingya refugees? Saudi Arabia pumps billions of petro-dollars to spread radical Islamic doctrine but the same Saudi Arabia can’t provide aid to the refugee camps in Bangladesh?
Rohingyas are not only confined to Jammu but have gradually crept into heartland as well. Officials also red flagged such clusters following evidence that a section of the Rohingya community has been radicalized by pan-Islamist groups. These groups have attracted a few Rohingyas by promising to help them carry out retribution against Myanmar, Bangladesh and Bharat. Letting Rohingyas settle in sensitive state like Jammu and Kashmir will prove detrimental to internal security. If West Pakistan Refugees (WPRs) can’t be given citizenship after three generations, how can these people (Rohingyas) be allowed to stay in the state. Their settlement in a sensitive border state is a great threat to national security. Does state law permit Rohingyas to settle here in any part of the state?
Article 370 does not allow anyone to settle here in Jammu and Kashmir. WPRs are Hindu refugees who migrated from West Pakistan after partition to settle in Kathua, Samba and Jammu districts of the state. They have been demanding citizenship rights, a right to vote, contest state assembly polls and a rehabilitation package in vain for the past 70 years.

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