Why not free the Caged SVO? And if that is impossible, what prevents men in SVO to deliver?

We Indians are habitual of not doing the task assigned to us well but speaking out of turn on the work being done by others. We deliver great sermons and write well on issues related or unrelated to us. We at times even act as conscience keepers of the society. But it is the job assigned to us which if done with honesty, integrity and without the fear of getting penalised by political bosses would go a long way in addressing several complex issues both political as well as social. And before we talk about why state vigilance organisation (SVC) continues to be a caged tiger, the fame which IPS officer and IGP Traffic Basant Rath has got within month of assuming office is enough to win him an election from any constituency in Jammu and Kashmir is something which provokes one to question why not allow the entire police department to work without political interference and it can be put like this also. Rath is slowly but steadily making some visible difference because he has been given free hand. The others merely change the goal post. Traffic congestion has to be fought tooth and nail but not corruption which is one of the many reasons for the revival of militancy in Jammu and Kashmir. We like what Rath is doing but we hate if a similar things happens in the Crime Branch. We seek CBI inquiry when the Crime Branch is doing its job well and has cracked the case. The culprits have been identified and most have been booked. But we do not trust the Crime Branch Inquiry since that does not suit us politically or socially. But we post video as well as photo updates of IG Traffic doing his job. We as a society have already made Rath a larger than life figure when what he is doing is his Job for which he is paid more than Rs. 1.50 Lakh by the state government. But even we are not at mistake. We have hardly seen such scenes on the roads of Jammu and Kashmir. He is doing even our Job which is more comforting since we as society love subletting tasks assigned to us. We are ready to pay few extra bucks if someone pays our bills at the counter on our behalf or gets us a driving license. Rath’s theatrics is winning hearts even in Kashmir valley but what is preventing the PDP-BJP coalition government which claims of being extremely serious in fighting graft from giving similar freedom to the State Vigilance Organisation (SVO) which is headed by Syed Javed Mujtaba Geelani, an IPS officer from Kashmir valley known in the police circles as tough and honest cop. If that is so, his style of functioning could be different but he should be no different than Rath. But even with Mr. Geelani, the tough cop as head, SVO is unable to do much for the obvious reasons. And since Police Officers easily get offended when criticised, focus should be facts on and fiction should be left to the writers who applaud them for their honesty. Mr. Geelani should pose a question to the state government asking them, why should I be on chair if sanction for prosecution in a corruption case involving an IAS officer is denied? Denial amounts to doubting the investigation the officer of the SVO. Denial means disheartening the officers who worked overnight to prove the case. He should further ask the PDP–BJP government “What prevents you from granting sanction to prosecute an ex-IAS officer who is member of Peoples Democratic Party?”. Writing a word of caution for the youngsters in Kashmir valley, questioning the stance of a terrorist’s father and giving sermons to the media on what they should report and what they should not is an easy job these days since these days you are either a nationalist or an anti-national. The days of neutrality are gone. A nationalist in the eyes of super-nationalists is awarded and rewarded within minutes of his staking a claim with evidence in hand. But when tough and honest cops do not speak-up in public about the tasks assigned to them, one is left with no option but to question their sermonising on issues which have a direct relationship with corruption in the system. SVO should explain why 171 cases against IAS, IPS and KAS officers are still under investigation. Why the investigation is yet to be completed? And if so, what prevents the SVO from requesting the state government to not post these tainted officials on important positions from where they can influence the probe? And why would not an officer try to influence the probe if he gets a chance to do so? And Mr. Geelani should have speeded up the investigation in all these 171 cases involving high profile VVIPs but he is unable to do so. Why is the question one should ask Mr. Geelani? And what makes it compulsory to ask Mr. Geelani about his performance after having been in the SVO for nearly one year is the presence of officers with high integrity in SVO. All have impeccable record yet the results are not forthcoming. A case here or there does not make any difference. It is the systemic changes that matter. Taking a stick in hand and forcing people to sing your song is easy but using adequate means to bring systemic change so that no one is compelled to sing a song is what can bring permanent change in the system. The sooner Mr. Geelani realises it, the better it would be. And if those delivering sermons from religious places are expected to be doers, why the same yardstick cannot be applied to the officers manning important institutions.



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