Wife killed her husband by beating him with a pot

Jammu: In Jammu, a quarrel between husband and wife led to the murder of a man. A man named Manoj Kumar who was working in the factory was drunk and was beating his wife, and then the wife opposed him by hitting his private part with the utensil. Manoj fainted due to the injury. After some time when husband Manoj regained consciousness. He again started beating his wife, after which the wife also hits his head with a pot due to which Manoj died on spot. After the incident, his wife hid the body in the bathroom of the flat in the morning, when Manoj did not reach the factory then his companions came to the flat where the secret of the murder was uncovered. People reported the murder to the police. During interrogation, the police suspected the deceased’s wife, after which she was strictly questioned. Manoj’s wife confessed that he killed her husband and told that he used to beat him every day and she got fed up and she also beat him badly that day which led to his death.